Warm Blooded or Cold-Blooded?

Every spring I think about this. As the weather turns warmer and we start seeing the trees’ new growth and leaves, we also start seeing creatures that have been sluggish, dormant, or in hibernation. They are cold-blooded animals. They draw their heat from their surroundings. Next time you’re raking old leaves in the corner of your backyard and you feel the warmth of that leaf pile on your ankles, remember that a dormant snake may also enjoy the warmth of that pile!

Snakes, lizards, bass (BASS!!!) and all kinds of reptiles awake from their winter dormancy or lethargy and become active as the sun warms their surroundings. Literally, their surroundings define their metabolism and activity.

Mammals are warm-blooded animals.  They operate from an internal generator of warmth.  They can be affected by their environment, but they depend on internal sources for metabolism.  Humans, in particular, respond to the environment but they do not let it dictate their activity or metabolism.  They establish it by choice, nutrition, and outer protective clothing.

Do you make your choices as a spiritually cold-blooded being or as a spiritually warm-blooded being?  Many will allow the culture to dictate their choices.  “Everybody ELSE is doing it,” they may say.  “It’s the style,” they argue.  But God calls us to standards that rise above the environment of our culture.  We choose to honor Him, not just be swept up by our environment.  We continue to forage in truth.  We live with purpose and direction because we are beyond just environmental forces.  We have a choice.

So. . .How will YOU live?

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    This is another great post that I hope you’ll take the time to read and ponder. And remember, just because other people do things doesn’t mean you have to.

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